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This Month's Specials

Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo

 Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo for dogs & cats kills fleas, ticks and lice. Rich coconut conditioners offer a fresh, clean scent and enhance luster. Alcohol free and pH balanced, so it won't irritate your pet's sensitive skin. 

Endure Fly Spray 40oz

 Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Repellent Spray stays active and keeps working even in wet conditions. Provides up to 14 days fly control. Protects against stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, house flies, face flies, horn flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, deer ticks and lice. 

Vetrimec Paste 6.08gm

  Vetrimec Paste (ivermectin 1.87%) is an anthelmintic and boticide for oral use in horses only. This new formulation is effective against five more species of parasites than many current products. It provides effective control of large and small strongyles , pinworms, roundworms, hairworms, neck threadworms, large-mouth stomach worms, and bots. 

Crystal Blue Colorant

It will improve your water quality and clarity, while maintaining its color. Clears up muddy ponds. 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, potable water and irrigation. Maintain color and clarity for up to 30 days. Helps settle out dissolved solids. 32oz treats 1/4 of a surface acre, 4 - 6 feet deep.

Plex Mate Surfactant


Plex Mate Surfactant Aquacide - Qt will break down the waxy coating on aquatic weeds to allow more effective penetration by algaecides and herbicides. This is a non-ionic surfactant (NIS) for aquatic & landscape use with algaecide, fungicide, and herbicide.

Electric Fence Garden Kit

 For pets and small animals. Powered by 2 D-Cell Batteries. Includes SS-2D energizer with mounting stake, 10 - 30" PVC Fence poles, 30 cotter pins, 250 ft. 17 Ga. aluminum wire, ground rod with clamp, electric fence warning sign, electric fence tester and installation manual. Up to 1 mile under ideal conditions. Output Voltage 7.5 KV.

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 We’re Midwest Vet Supply, an established premier wholesaler of animal health products offering many years of expertise combined with the right products you need to sell to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

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Order from experts who truly know animal health AND understand the BUSINESS of selling animal health products and MAXIMIZING your profit. Over 50 Years of being in the industry. We know what sells and what doesn't. 

Our Most Popular Articles

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*NEW* Pour On Banamine

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Cat Vaccine

 For subcutaneous vaccination of healthy cats, eight weeks of age or older, as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by feline rhinotracheitis, calici and panleukopenia (feline distemper) viruses.  

Puppy Vaccine

Need to vaccinate your puppy? Try Canine Spectra 5.  

Dog Vaccine

Try Canine Spectra 9 to keep your dog protected from DHLPP.

Wazine 17

 Oral deworming solution for use in drinking water to remove large roundworms (Ascaridia spp.) from turkeys and chickens, and large roundworms (Ascaris suum) and nodular worms (Oesophagostomum spp.) from swine. Each 100 mL contains 17 grams piperazine base (present as sulfate). Do not use in chickens producing eggs for human consumption. 

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